Nashville Church School Shooter Was Being Counseled By Lead Pastor, Whose Daughter Was Murdered: Report


A recent report reveals that one of the six victims who were killed by Audrey Hale during her shooting rampage in Nashville was the daughter of a pastor who had been providing counseling to her.

According to Jim Bachmann, a former pastor at Covenant School, current Covenant pastor Chad Scruggs had been Hale’s private counselor, and his 9-year-old daughter, Hallie, was among those killed.

Bachmann told Inside Edition that Hale seemed to be looking for Scruggs in surveillance footage.

Watch below.

The video appears to show rifle-toting Hale searching as she walks through empty hallways.

Bachmann speculated that if Hale had found Scruggs and attempted to harm him, perhaps she would have spared his daughter.

It is unclear why Scruggs was counseling Hale and for how long he had been doing so.

Nashville Metro police are still investigating the motive for the attack and analyzing a manifesto written by Hale. The manifesto has not been made public.

They have also stated that Hale had made plans to target two other schools in the area, but abandoned them due to their high level of security.

Hale was killed by police just minutes into the rampage.

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