New York Cops Drive Woman In Labor To Hospital In Uber


“It was like a scene out of a movie,” said Police Officer Jaily Polanco of the 19 Precinct. “It was a great feeling getting her to the hospital on time.”

On Wednesday, July 19, at approximately 8:37 a.m. two 19 Precinct police officers were at First Avenue and 65 Street in Manhattan when they were alerted by a man waving his arm out of an Uber cab’s window. He told them that his wife was in labor in the back seat and that the cab’s GPS indicated 26 minutes to get to the hospital. The man was alarmed and worried that the drive would take too long as he feared his wife needed immediate assistance.

The driver did not know a faster route yet no one wanted to move the pregnant woman. After receiving the cab driver’s consent, Police Officer Frankie Palaguachi jumped into the driver’s seat and drove the cab to Mt. Sinai West Hospital at 59 Street and 10 Avenue. Officer Palaguachi shared that being a cop in Manhattan and a native New Yorker pays off sometimes- he knew there was a nearby road that cut across Central Park. Police Officer Polanco lead the way and blocked off intersections in their patrol car and eventually they were able to get the expecting mother safely to the hospital in less than half the time the cab driver’s GPS stated.

We are happy to share that a healthy baby boy was born shortly after to the grateful parents.