No Charges Filed After Florida Man Shot In The Head With Flare Gun Outside Bar


A 45-year-old Marathon, Florida man was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries early Saturday after being shot in the head with a flare gun.

The victim was found in the Kmart parking lot at 3:50 a.m. bleeding from the head. He declined to press charges against the suspect.

There were no arrests as of 11:15 a.m. Saturday.

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the case. Charges may be pending.

A witness stated he saw the suspect shoot the victim twice with a flare gun in the Brass Monkey bar parking lot. The witness stated the victim and the suspect were fighting.

A suspect matching that witness’ description was found nearby on Sombrero Beach Road, but the witness declined to positively identify that suspect on Sombrero Beach Road as the suspect.

A flare gun containing one spent flare cartridge and three live flares, a bloody hat and five cans of alcoholic beverage were all found at the bar parking lot and were taken into evidence.

The victim remained uncooperative during the investigation. He was taken to Fishermen’s Hospital in Marathon.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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