NYPD Cops Arrest 10 People, Seize 9 Guns In Brooklyn


67th Precinct Field Intelligence Officers and NYPD Special Ops “A” Team Officers seized 9 guns during a focused search warrant operation. The seizures were executed without incident and occurred in 2 separate locations in the Brooklyn College area on December 20th, 2016. A total of 10 perpetrators were arrested. Commanding Officer, Inspector Gulotta, commented on the successful operation:

“I’m proud of my officers’ dedicated investigative work that resulted in getting these weapons off the streets of Brooklyn,” said Inspector Gulotta. “It was through great teamwork with the Emergency Service Unit that we were able to swiftly and safely make the arrests and take possession of these guns.”

The Department is dedicated to using all of our resources to collaborate and keep illegal guns off the streets of New York City. The search warrant resulted in the recovery of the following items:

Loaded AK-47 Assault Rifle
Loaded Mac 11 Machine
Loaded .40caliber firearm
Loaded 9mm firearm
Loaded .380 caliber firearm
Assorted ammunition
Bullet proof vest