NYPD Cops Save Suicidal Woman on Rooftop

(From left to right Officer Verdesoto, Lieutenant Caesar, Officer Callejas / NYPD NEWS)

On the morning of May 6th, 2019, officers from Police Service Area 8 received a radio call for a suicidal female on the rooftop of the Throggs Neck Houses in the Bronx.

Lieutenant Caesar, the daytime Platoon Commander, rushed to the scene and jumped right into action. When he arrived on the roof he spotted the female and quickly grabbed her to prevent her from doing any harm to herself. He realized her intention was to jump from the rooftop, but thanks to his swift response that tragedy was averted.

With the assistance of responding Officers Verdesoto and Callejas, they were able to get the individual downstairs and to a waiting ambulance where she could start the process of getting the help she needed.