NYPD Officers Arrest Man For Impersonation In Manhattan


“We noticed a car going at a high rate of speed and going through red lights while weaving in and out of traffic. The vehicle had a lights package and a siren sound that we did not recognize,” said Police Officer Valerio. “We listened to our radios to see if there was an emergency nearby. Then, we pulled the driver over.”

A 37-year-old man was arrested in Washington Heights for impersonating a police officer and reckless driving after being spotted speeding through multiple red lights. Police Officer Valerio was driving an unmarked patrol car with Lieutenant Rodriguez and Sergeant Cruz when they observed the speeding driver at the intersection of Broadway and West 174 Street. They stopped the grey Toyota Camry a few blocks away and noticed multiple parking permits on the dashboard as they approached. The driver made conflicting statements as to why he was operating his vehicle with emergency lights and utilizing a siren.

When he was ordered to step out of the vehicle, the man had handcuffs on his belt and was wearing a gun holster at his waist along with two knives on his belt. After further investigation two forged NYPD identification cards were recovered along with an imitation sergeant shield.

The suspect was subsequently placed under arrest.


Imitation Sergeants Shields (2)
Forged NYPD ID Cards (2)
Two Way Radios (2)
Handcuffs (2)
NYPD Parking Permit (Stolen)
Knives (2)
Collapsible Police Baton
Police Scanner
Arrested: Male 37



Criminal Impersonation
Reckless Endangerment
Criminal Possession of a Weapon
Possession of a Forged Instrument