NYPD Officers Rescue Man In Hudson River


NEW YORK — Officers Groger and Etter were patrolling the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week when they responded to a 911 call about a man in distress in the Hudson River. The officers rushed to Riverside Park and began to search the area to obtain more information. While canvassing the area, a passerby waved them down and drew attention to a man waist deep in the freezing water.

The officers quickly climbed down the boating dock ramp and into the Hudson. From there they were able to grab the distraught man and bring him to safety.

“I saw a man in the water, and it’s cold, so I am thinking hypothermia. My first instinct was to get him out of the water and make sure he gets warm,” said Officer Groger.

With the help of Officers Sandoval and Metzger, the four officers were able to carry the man over the boating dock fence and bring him to a police vehicle. The distressed man was showing early signs of hypothermia, the quick-witted officers cut off some of the man’s wet clothing and draped him in Officer Etter’s dry jacket.

EMS workers arrived and transported the man to Roosevelt Hospital in stable condition.