Oklahoma City Couple Arrested After Police Say Missing Man Was Murdered, His Body Burned In Metal Box

Jason Dean Cornett

OKLAHOMA CITY (OSBI) – A couple from Mcloud is in custody for the murder of a missing man that was staying at their home. Deputies from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) arrested Jason Dean Cornett and Elizabeth Dee Cornett yesterday in connection with the murder of David Orr, 44. Jason Cornett is facing charges of Murder in the First Degree and Desecration of a Human Corpse.

Elizabeth Cornett is being charged with Accessory to First Degree Murder After the Fact and Desecration of a Human Corpse.

Elizabeth Dee Cornett

Orr was last heard from by a family member on January 16, 2021. At that time, he was staying with the Cornetts at 21 Walker Lane in Mcloud.

David Anthony Orr

The next day, surveillance video showed Elizabeth Cornett using Orr’s food stamp card at a Harrah grocery store.

Based on leads obtained during the investigation, a search warrant was served at the Walker Lane residence in March 2021 by OSCO and the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators dug in several areas of the backyard searching for Orr’s remains but nothing was found.

In November 2021, investigators interviewed a subject in federal custody who said that Orr was murdered in a bedroom at the Cornett’s house and then burned in a metal box in the backyard. The subject said the box was then moved to a property located on ‘R’ Road in Edmond.

A second search warrant for the Mcloud property was secured and executed on November 4, 2021. Investigators discovered blood in one of the bedrooms and buccal swabs were taken. Those swabs were run in the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) by OSBI criminalists. On May 24, 2022, the OSBI lab notified investigators that the swabs matched DNA from Orr that was in the offender database.

Both Cornetts were booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center yesterday afternoon. They have since been moved to the Pottawatomie County Jail. Jason Cornett is being held without bail and Elizabeth has a $200,000 bond. Investigators do expect more arrests to be made.

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