Oklahoma Deputy Allegedly Murdered By Fellow Deputy Husband


On Wednesday, a deputy sheriff from central Oklahoma was taken into custody following the fatal shooting of his wife. The victim, also a deputy in the same county, was identified as Jordan Cannon. The arrest of Cleveland County Deputy Vaughn Cannon, 41, occurred at their home in southwest Oklahoma City where the incident unfolded early in the morning.

Responding to a report of domestic disturbance at the couple’s home around 2 a.m., officers discovered the lifeless body of Jordan Cannon. Subsequently, Vaughn Cannon was apprehended on charges of murder. Pending the formal filing of charges, Vaughn Cannon remains incarcerated.

Sheriff Chris Amason of Cleveland County expressed the department’s profound grief over the incident in an official statement.

“This is something no one can begin to prepare for, we ask for your thoughts and prayers as we navigate this devastating event,” Amason wrote.

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