Passenger Tries To Breach Cockpit on Flight From Germany To United States


LIMERICK, IRELAND– An off duty United States Border Patrol Agent assigned to the El Paso Sector was flying home from Germany to the United States on an American Airlines flight AA71 when a disruptive passenger attempted to breach the airplane’s cockpit.

Tuesday morning a Border Patrol Agent assisted by fellow passengers helped subdue an unruly passenger. Due to this incident, the flight was re-routed and landed safely without incident in Ireland. The unidentified suspect was taken into custody by local law enforcement.

“Our agent’s training and swift response in taking action helped prompt the assistance of fellow passengers, ensuring the safety of all passengers onboard”, said Interim Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez. “This level of courage and commitment is a testament of the caliber of Border Patrol agents that exist within our ranks that without hesitation jump into harms way to protect the sanctity of human life.”

It was unclear what the suspect’s intent was in the crime.

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