So the phone you bought might explode? What to do with a Note 7


Samsung Electronics Co. has pulled its Galaxy Note 7 from the market after reports that replacement phones are exploding like the defective first batch that triggered a global recall. Here’s an explainer on what owners can and should do next.

– What do I do first?

Turn it off. Samsung is advising all consumers to power down the $900 smartphone immediately and contact the seller. While the company hasn’t confirmed the new versions are prone to exploding, it’s not taking any chances while it investigates.

– But there haven’t been any problems with mine?

Doesn’t matter. Whether its a model affected by the first recall or one of the replacements offered since late last month, Samsung says keep it turned off. It has stopped short of issuing a second recall but is giving customers the option of sending it back.

– Where do I take it?

Back to where it was bought, whether that’s a carrier, website or retail outlet. Samsung is covering the cost of shipping Note 7s and offering a full refund on the phone and its related accessories.

– What if I want another phone?

Most carriers are offering alternative devices because Samsung has asked them not to exchange for other Note 7s until it works out the problem. Customers opting for another Samsung phone, such as the Galaxy S7, will get refunded the price difference and any accessories. Those sticking with Samsung phones in the U.S. will get a $25 gift card while customers in China are being offered a coupon valued at 300 yuan ($45).

– Will I be able to get another Note 7?

Not now. The Note 7s are effectively off the market as Samsung have halted exchanges and sales. While there is intense speculation they could abandon this model and instead focus on a Note 8 for 2017, the company hasn’t announced such a move.

– What if I don’t want another Samsung or a refund?

Most carriers are letting customers choose something else from their range. Whether that is Google’s upcoming Pixel, a just released Apple iPhone or other brands such as LG and Motorola.

– Do other Samsung phones have the fire problem?

The company says no, the problem is isolated to the Note 7.

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