Player’s sandbox: the primary purpose of no deposit bonus popularity


Most internet users and critics of online gambling find the no deposit casino bonuses as the main trap for those who look for easy money. It’s like a nowadays rule: make a strong accent on casino’s profits and seducing marketing tricks that male people play. Unfortunately, their approach does not cover all the aspects of a popular offer, and most readers cannot observe the whole picture.

Here in the article, we’ll observe another side of the no deposit bonus not on Gamstop 2022 to find why it’s so in-demand. We’ll discuss how it works, why casino players look for it and highlight some psychological aspects that help to work out the responsible attitude to the game.

Kinds and essence of no deposit bonuses

First, it would be nice to find out when and why online gambling platforms grant no deposit bonuses and the point of these offers.

As seen from the name, no deposit bonuses do not require any account top-ups to be credited. So the player may accept the bonus with no financial risks. As usual, the casino offers them:

●     for specific actions at the beginning of the interaction (for registration or contacts confirmation);

●     for promo codes which casino’s partners usually publish;

●     as part of a VIP program or personalised promotions.

Can we consider no deposit bonuses as a promotional tool? Sure! But is it the only feature? Well, nope. If the offer is profitable for the casino only, would the player ever accept it?

Gaming websites usually provide registered users with free spins or cash bonuses with no deposit. Meaning, customers may use them as the trial version to decide if it is beneficial enough to top up an account for the future game.

How no deposit bonus influences the gamer’s behaviour?

Imagine you want to subscribe to any online service, For example, for an online library. The company offers you a trial version — a few points to unlock some books to read. When using these points, you get acquainted with the website’s functionality, explore the library and find more exciting offers for subscribed users. Finally, it helps to decide if the platform is suitable enough to pay for a full subscription.

When it comes to casinos, the principle is the same.

Players may evaluate the website’s quality and the gaming experience using no deposit bonuses. Yes, there are some rules to redeem the offer. Here it is called wagering requirements. They set the multipliers to play the winnings or money back. They also describe the timeframe for wagering. If the player does not meet these requirements, they cannot cash out their winnings.

But if the customer is not satisfied with the game, they are not obligated to fulfil these requirements. They can skip them and leave the casino with no winnings but still with no actual losses.

It helps to work out a reasonable attitude to winnings, offers and casino’s conditions. So we may also consider the no deposit bonus as the tool that helps analyse profits and possible losses and find out if the casino is worth playing at.

Where to find the best offers now?

If you want to try some casinos with no deposits, you may take a closer look at the best gifts for gamblers in the lists published by casino observers and partners. Here we’ll cover only a few of them:

  1. Windiggers Casino no deposit bonus is a cash offer of 5 EUR with a wager of x35. For this cash, the gamer can make a few (or dozens) bets playing the best casino’s slots, depending on the bet size.
  2. Mister X Casino no deposit bonus offers some free spins. The user may take from 10 to 60 FS to play certain slots. The wager here is x40m; the time limit to playback the winnings is 72 hours.
  3. Fruity Chance Casino no deposit bonus is provided in two forms: FS’s and cash. However, the user may select from 15 to 60 FS to try some games or take 5 EUR to play the slot, not on the bonus offers list.
  4. Triumph Casino no deposit bonus. You may find free spins of cash to try the casino’s games. Offers are all the same, as previous in our list.
  5. WG Casino no deposit bonus is 50 FS to spin the reels of the Great Panda slot right after the registration. Maybe, it’s not the best game to play or not the one you want. However, after registration, you may see the casino’s options unavailable for not registered players and estimate the website’s quality.

As you can see, there are tons of opportunities for those who want to try online gambling for the first time or to look for a new gaming site to stay on. If you’re still not interested, we just hope the article helps you to have a comprehensive opinion now, considering both casino’s and player’s benefits.

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