Police Response To Twitter Troll Going Viral …. For an Unexpected Reason

Photo Source: WACO PD

TEXAS — A woman who posted a photo of a Waco Officer using his cell phone got a response from the police sergeant Sunday, who defended his Officer.

The photo was apparently taken Saturday at the “Spring at the Silos” event in Waco when Twitter user ‘@rg2pdml‘ wrote: “@WacoPolice I hope you guys have good benefits this looks like a rough job.”

The police department fired back, responding: “Bet you weren’t mugged while you were here! You’re welcome!”

Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton later issued a blistering statement that is making the rounds: As a matter of fact the City of Waco is a great organization to work for and the benefits are pretty decent.

You may be interested in knowing that we are hiring and you too can be a Police Officer. That is assuming you can pass the rigorous background check, driving records check, previous employers check, family history check, psychological testing, polygraph, and drug screening. Then make it thru the review board made up of officers and executive staff and actually get selected to attend our academy which is a grueling four and a half months of being a recruit just to get to wear the title of rookie, at will employee, for an entire year. We will allow you to use your cell phone once you’re off rookie status.

And by the way the officer seen in the photo actually works directly for me. He was on his personal vacation time taking off to work a part time job to make ends meet. He is also our U. S. Marshal task force representative and is continuously on his cell helping to track the worst of the worst criminals, yes even when he is “off-duty.” He arrests numerous felons every month keeping our entire community safe from some extremely bad guys.

Now, truth be known, he most likely was texting his significant other, telling her he was still safe and that it looked like he may make it home and back to her again today.

You see for us…we never know when we may have to answer that final call. Something for you to discuss with your entire family before you apply to come join us.

Do we have a rough job, you bet we do but wouldn’t trade it for any other one out there!!

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