Queens Cops Have Young Man As Commander For A Day


“When we went outside I overheard Kael ask his mom if he had to return the uniform. When I told him it was his to keep it seemed like a dream come true,” said Detective Kevin O’Donnell.

Cops in the 109 Precinct in Queens helped make a little boy’s dream of joining the NYPD come true last week. Kael, his brother Eli and their mom were picked up from home by Detective O’Donnell and taken to the precinct station house where they were greeted by Deputy Inspector Judith Harrison, the precinct commander.

The officers presented Kael’s with his own police uniform and a few slices of pizza too. Kael signed into the command log for his tour then conducted roll call for third platoon officers, giving out assignments and meal-break times. He was shown around the station house and visited the many units that make up the 109 Precinct.

The day concluded with a discussion on police community relations with officers and the precinct commander.