Quick Thinking NYPD Officers Save Injured Construction Worker Who Cut Himself With Grinder


“As police officers it’s our everyday duty to help our community. On that day, it was an amazing experience to have the opportunity to help save a life,” said Officer Dzaferovic.

Highly trained and well-equipped officers from the 17 Precinct used their NYPD-issued tourniquet to help save an injured construction worker. Police Officers Dzaferovic and Williams were patrolling the streets of Midtown Manhattan when a call came over the radio about an aided male (a male needing medical assistance). The officers rushed to the location and arrived at a construction site on 2nd Avenue. At the scene, they observed a man bleeding profusely as other construction workers attempted to stop the bleeding.

According to the injured man, he cut himself while using a construction grinder. The officers assessed his wound and determined it was likely he had punctured an artery. Having recently attended an NYPD Basic Life Support and Trauma Treatment (BLASTT) course, Officer Dzaferovic readily provided her NYPD tourniquet to stop the blood loss. Within minutes, Emergency Medical Services arrived and transported the man to an area hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

“We are thankful to have the training and resources we had while rendering aid because it helped us get him home to his family,”said Officer Dzaferovic.

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