RECALL ALERT: Michelin Recalls More Than 500,000 Tires Over Traction Concerns


Michelin has issued a recall of over 542,000 light truck tires in the United States due to inadequate traction, rendering them unsuitable for use in all snowy conditions.

The recall applies specifically to Agilis CrossClimate C-Metric tires that Michelin believes do not meet safety standards in the US. Insufficient traction in tires can increase the likelihood of a car accident, according to the tire manufacturer’s safety regulator documents, which were published on Thursday.

Owners will not have to pay for the replacement tires, which will be installed by dealers. On June 12, owners will receive interim notification letters, followed by another letter when the new tires become available.

Michelin’s initial tire testing was done with the wrong tire pressure, according to the company, but subsequent tests revealed the problem. Despite being labeled with the Alpine symbol and three mountain peaks, indicating that they are effective in snow, the tires are not classified as snow tires.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published a document on its website listing the tire sizes affected by the recall.

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