RECAP: NYPD Arrests 219; Tear Gas Used – Glass Bottles Thrown At Cops, Garbage Pails Overturned – Photo via @KeeganNYC


The NYPD made 219 arrests as protesters took to the streets for a second night following the grand jury decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner.

Many arrests were made in Times Square, others at 8th Avenue and 51st St, and some more at at Madison Ave and 57th St. Photos on the internet show the streets littered with garbage after police were targeted with bottles, and garbage cans overturned.

Police estimated around 7,000 protesters in Foley Square, which then splintered into smaller groups, forcing police to spread resources around the city. Numerous police helicopters hovered overhead all night, giving orders to commanding officers on the ground.

The protesters managed to shut down the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the West Side Highway, the Holland Tunnel, and also FDR Drive for a few minutes. The crowds ended back up in Times Square around midnight, then to the Upper East Side and then into Lower Manhattan.

Photos by @KeeganNYC



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