School Food Vendor Apologizes — Again — For ‘Inexcusable’ Black History Month Menu


A food service vendor, Aramark, has apologized for its racially insensitive Black History Month menu served at Nyack Middle School in New York.

Students were offered chicken and waffles with a choice of watermelon for dessert on the first day of the month, causing backlash and accusations of reinforcing racial stereotypes.

Aramark admitted to an “inexcusable mistake” and stated that they would work to determine how it happened and ensure it never happens again.

The company has apologized for similar incidents in the past, such as serving chicken and waffles on Martin Luther King Day at a university more than a decade ago, and had promised cultural sensitivity training for all managers and chefs at the time. The school administration expressed disappointment in the situation and apologized to the community for the cultural insensitivity displayed by the food service provider.

The vendor has agreed to plan future menus that align with the school’s values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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