PHOTOS: State-Wide Marijuana Network Operated by Cuban Nationals Dismantled


NASHVILLE, TENN — An intense two-year joint investigation by the MNPD’s Major Case Task Force (Specialized Investigations Division), TBI, DEA, U.S. Homeland Security and the Nashville District Attorney’s Office has led to today’s dismantling of a high-grade marijuana grow and distribution network operated locally by Cuban nationals.

More than a dozen search warrants are being executed today, six in Nashville and others in Putnam, Cannon, Bedford, Macon, Sumner, Lewis and DeKalb Counties. Active indoor marijuana grow operations have been located in rural Macon, Lewis, and DeKalb Counties and are being removed.

Eleven persons have been taken into custody thus far today and are being charged with engaging in a large scale marijuana distribution conspiracy. They are identified as:

· Pedro Martin, 28, arrested at 254 Bohanan Lane, Lafayette, Tennessee;

· Luis Rego Jr., 32, arrested at 950 Longview Road, Shelbyville, Tennessee;

· Hector Ruiz, 28, arrested at 413 Barkley Court, Nashville;

· Luis Lopez, 25, arrested at 413 Barkley Court, Nashville;

· Luis Rego Sr., 54, arrested at 108 Sanitarium Road, Nashville;

· Carlos Landerio, 25, arrested at 100 Star Boulevard, Nashville;

· Holly Furlough, 23, arrested at 119 Cude Lane, Nashville;

· Humberto Perez, 28, arrested at 3120 Firelight Trail, Nashville;

· Nelson Perez, 43, arrested at 3120 Firelight Trail, Nashville;

· Israel Martinez, 58, arrested at 6380 Sulfer Ridge, Baxter, Tennessee;

· Alexis Ravelo, 51, arrested at 602 Larkin Springs Road, Nashville.

Already arrested was Leslye Hernandez, 26, of 119 Cude Lane, Furlough’s husband. He is in the custody of federal immigration officials.

This drug venture is alleged to have been headed locally by Pedro Martin and Luis Rego Jr. The investigation shows that the co-conspirators set up indoor marijuana grow operations in unsuspecting parts of rural Middle Tennessee. The harvested marijuana was then distributed in Nashville and the surrounding area. This was an extremely lucrative venture. Investigators believe some of the proceeds were sent to Miami associates of some of the defendants.

Seized during the execution of the search warrant at Barkley Court in Nashville were 15 pounds of processed marijuana, 3.2 pounds of marijuana budder, five guns, $84,789 cash, two vehicles, and electronics.

Seized during the execution of the search warrant at 224 Bohanon Lane in Macon County were 52 marijuana plants, 2.5 pounds of processed marijuana and $50,000 cash.

Seized during the execution of the search warrant at 194 Timberline Road in Lewis County were 224 marijuana plants.

Seized during the execution of the search warrant at 1117 Poss Road in DeKalb County were 44 marijuana plants.

Other agencies taking part in this investigation include the Drug Task Forces from the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, and 22nd Judicial Districts, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the Cannon County Sheriff’s Office, and the Governor’s Task Force on Marijuana Eradication.

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