Suicidal California Man Shot By Police After Cutting His Own Throat

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REDWOOD CITY, California — On Monday morning, the Redwood City Police Department received a 911 call from a woman frantically requesting help and reporting that her husband was attempting to commit suicide by cutting his throat and wrists.

Multiple officers, armed with a variety of less lethal weapons, responded to 450 Lincoln Avenue and, upon arrival, encountered a female in the front yard of the residence who was covered in blood and directing officers to the rear yard of the residence. As officers moved to the rear yard of the residence, they encountered a 33-year old male in the side yard of the residence who was armed with a butcher knife.

The two initial arriving officers, both trained in Crisis Intervention Techniques, attempted to get him to drop the knife. Police say the male refused to drop the knife and began running at the officers. Preliminary information suggests one of the officers utilized a Conducted Energy Weapon (TASER) in an attempt to immobilize the male, however, the application of the TASER was not successful. The other officer on scene, a 20 year veteran, was left with no choice but to utilize a firearm to stop the male from advancing.

The injured male was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment of life threatening injuries.

The condition of the female was unknown.

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