Tennessee 2-month-old tests positive for cocaine, caregiver arrested


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Police have charged a woman, Portia Marcum, 26 after atwo month old child in her care was found to have cocaine in his system. Police were investigating an allegation that a two month old child had been potentially exposed to drugs. During the course of the investigation, it determined was that the two month had cocaine in his system.

Also, that the caretaker, Portia Marcum, had been staying at a residence in which drugs were present and being used as well as Marcum herself being involved in drug usage. There were occasions when the infant was left in a bedroom, alone, while Marcum went into a different room to use drugs.

It was acknowledged by Marcum, that the infant’s welfare was her responsibility and staying at a residence with drugs was a dangerous environment for the child.

Portia Marcum was already in jail on an unrelated charged when she was charged with child abuse and neglect on April 10.

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