Texas Christian University Replaces “Freshman” With “First-Year Student” To Be Gender Inclusive, Penn State To Replace All Gendered Pronouns In Coursework With They/Them


FORT WORTH, Texas – Texas Christian University has replaced the word “freshman” with “first-year student” in order to be “more gender-inclusive,” FOX 4 KDFW reports.

The change will take effect at the start of the fall semester, and the term will apply to students with less than 24 credit hours, no matter how long they’ve been attending the university.

“Just by speaking more inclusively, we are able to behave more inclusively as well,” TCU junior Matt Gill told FOX 4.

“It’s also people who are transferring from other schools, or people who didn’t just come out of high school. For example, military veterans,” Gill explained.

“We only have stuff to gain by being more inclusive and nobody’s harmed by not calling people freshmen,” he told Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

TCU’s Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Kathryn Cavins-Tull told campusreform.org that the move is “a reflection of our university-wide commitment to inclusive excellence.”

Other colleges have also made the same change, including the University of North Carolina, Yale University, and Penn State.

In April, Penn State’s Faculty Senate voted to stop referring to students as freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors “because they follow a traditional male naming convention,” CBS News reports.

Penn State will also replace all gendered pronouns with they/them/theirs in course materials and “rid the college of materials with a strong, male-centric, binary character.”


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