The Best Products for Lumbar Support

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With millions of people working from home these days, the topic of at-home comfort is a major talking point among friends, family, and the media. Specifically, we hear a lot about the back – it’s the origin of discomfort and pain for many.

We vaguely know that the answer to back pain has something to do with lumbar support, but what does this term really mean, and what can we do about it?

Let’s take a moment to investigate the realities of lumbar support, explain why it’s so important, and recommend some of the best products to help you overcome back pain for good. 

Why You Need Lumbar Support

For those still wondering, the word “lumbar” refers to the lumbosacral discs that comprise the lower third of our spine. Take a look at an anatomy chart and you can clearly see a natural curve to this area of the back. It’s not just a straight line up and down!

Now, consider the fact that when seated, the pressure on this region of the back triples compared to simply standing up. 

That’s right, there is three times as much downward force placed on our lower backs when we sit. This has major repercussions for our back health, especially for our sedentary generation.

Not only should you actively try to get up, exercise frequently, and stretch the spine properly, but you must also look for ways to support your lumbosacral discs while seated. 

Try out products like gel-infused lumbar support back cushions, or seat cushions that give the legs and hips more support and take some pressure off the lumbar region. Each bit of support can help, and it’s key to test different setups to see what works for you.

Opt for Orthopedic Design

You may have an idea of what cushions and pillows you need to improve lumbar support, but the truth is that most products will do you more harm than good. 

Keep in mind the natural form of your spine, then get rid of all your back cushions that don’t match the curvature of your lumbar region. Once you experience true orthopedic lumbar support for the first time, you’ll see what you’ve been missing.

This goes for any cushion or pillow you purchase in the future. For coccyx support, make sure the cushion fits your hips and butt. Your neck pillow should do the same. Keep this basic rule in mind and target pressure points the right way. 

Premium Memory Foam Only

Everyone has been through the Goldilocks routine when seeking lumbar support.

If a cushion is too soft, pressure can compound even worse, while a hard cushion can compromise comfort within just a few minutes of use.

Gel-infused memory foam offers the perfect compromise, morphing gradually to your body’s dimensions and supporting your lumbar region without any unnecessary pressure.

Memory foam works by slowly reacting to the heat of your body and changing its form slowly over time. As your posture improves and your pain diminishes, your cushion will still offer the support you need to stay upright and prevent future issues.

Your chair may have some bare-bones cushioning, but it’s nothing compared to the luxurious feel of premium, gel-infused memory foam. Finally, you can focus 100% on the work in front of you and not worry about back pain flaring up. 

Stay Cool and Clean

It’s time you started looking at every dimension of comfort – not just pain relief.

The best lumbar support products are not only the right size and strength, but they keep you comfortable with ventilation and hypoallergenic materials. These little touches count for a lot when you’re logging upwards of 50 hours a week at your desk.

Get your lumbar support system in place and finally experience the comfort you deserve!

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