This Is A Real NY Hero!

FDNY Lt. Daniel Burgos

FDNY Lt. Daniel Burgos was flagged down earlier today to help a person in need of medical assistance while on his way back to Station 10 following a previous medical call.

“I was driving southbound on Lenox Avenue in Manhattan when a civilian vehicle pulled up next to my window and honked the horn. The woman told me that there was a person in a car behind me that needed help. When I got to the scene, a civilian was reaching through the window of a parked car to perform CPR on an individual who was inside the car. The person wasn’t breathing.”

I opened the car door and placed the individual flat on their back on the ground. The person did not have a pulse. I radioed for assistance and continued compressions while the civilians nearby assisted with keeping the area clear. The patient regained a pulse, and FDNY EMTs Kamil M. Grzymala and Doris Herrera-Lozado, Station 10, arrived on scene alongside Paramedics from Lenox Hill Hospital. They continued patient care. By the time the patient was placed in the ambulance, the patient was awake and speaking. He was very thankful. As soon as I realized the severity of the scene, I knew I had to jump in and take control. I learned that from my Paramedic training. Luckily we had a good outcome today.”

The patient was transported in stable condition.

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