‘THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT’: Okla. Parents Charged With Murder In Drowning Death Of Their 4-Year-Old Son


WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma – On August 13th, Wagoner County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, and EMS responded to Ft. Gibson Lake on a call of a 4-year-old who was reported drowned. The child, Steven Powers III was administered CPR at the scene, then ultimately Life Flighted to St Francis Hospital in Tulsa with a faint pulse. The child remained in critical condition for two days when his little body succumbed, and Steven Powers III was pronounced dead.

Troopers and Deputies observed actions, statements, and behaviors at the scene that caused concern. Wagoner County Sheriff’s Investigators began investigating and gathering information to answer the ultimate question, “Why is this child dead?” During the course of the investigation it was learned that the victim’s father, Steven Powers II was allegedly under the influence of drugs while in the care of the victim and another small child. Evidence was gathered to show that Steven Powers II’s wife, Tina (Londagin) Powers knew that her husband was under the influence of illegal drugs yet chose to leave the two small children alone in Steven Powers II’s charge as the caregiver.

During interviews with Investigators, 29-year-old Steven Powers II admitted to taking at least 4 Xanax bars prior to going to the lake. Powers II also admitted that he was “high” when he was left alone with the two small children, and that the children should not have been left in his care. 35-year-old Tina Powers admitted to Investigators that the 4-year-old victim could not swim and was in the water when she left him with her husband, and that neither of the children were wearing water safety devices, such as life jackets or floaties. Tina Powers admitted to Investigators that she knew Steven Powers II was under the influence of illegal drugs when she left to go to the store and that she knew he was not able to properly care for the children. Tina Powers admitted to Investigators that she should have never left the children with her husband in his state.

On 08/23/19 Wagoner County Sheriff’s Investigators obtained arrest warrants for Steven Powers II and Tina Powers for the charge of 2nd Degree Murder. The warrants were executed and served on 08/26/2019. Steven and Tina were booked into the Wagoner County Detention Center without incident for the above charges. The bond was set at 250,000.00 for Steven Powers II and Tina Powers.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott stated, “Make no mistake. This was no accident. An accident is something that can’t be prevented. This child should not be dead. This could have been prevented.” “Drugs are a victimless crime is a total false statement. When the lifeless body of an innocent 4yr old child is pulled out of the lake because his parents chose drugs over the child’s safety and welfare, that child becomes the victim.” Sheriff Elliott continued, “My heart is full of sorrow and anger for the senseless death of this baby.” “Mr. and Mrs. Powers will have their day in court but based on the evidence my Investigators were able to obtain, and the elements of the Oklahoma State statute, I feel that the appropriate charges have been put forth to seek justice.”

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