Travis Scott Speaks Out in First Interview Since Astroworld Tragedy


Charlamagne Tha God and Travis Scott sit down in his first interview since the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival.

Scott said he’s been on “an emotional roller coaster” since the show where 10 people died in a crowd surge.

“I don’t personally have an intent. I just feel like something happened and I feel like I just needed a way to kind of communicate. When families are grieving, it’s fans that are experiencing something, it’s fans that came to the show—I feel like I just have—I’ve always been that person to always see things through with the people that share experiences with me. And you know, things happen and I just kind of— It’s been such a time and I’ve just been trying to figure things out.”

The rapper was asked when he realized what happened.

“It wasn’t really until, like, minutes until the press conference I figured out exactly what happened. Even after the show — just kind of hearing things but I didn’t know the exact details until minutes before the press conference. And even at that moment, you’re kind of just like ‘wait, what?’ Like, you just went through something and you’re just like ‘what?’”

Scott added, “The whole idea for why I brought this festival to the city was to show that Houston was something different and show that there’s all different kinds of lives, different kinds of energy. And just bring that morale to the city, to just bring that energy to the city. I definitely want to figure out how could we fix this in the future [and] what could we do to change these things.”

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