Ukraine’s Interior Minister Among At Least 14 Killed In Helicopter Crash Outside Kyiv


On Wednesday, an incident occurred in Kyiv when a helicopter carrying Ukraine’s Interior Minister, Denys Monastyrskyi, crashed into a kindergarten in the foggy residential suburb of Brovary.

The crash resulted in the deaths of the minister, as well as a dozen other individuals, including a child on the ground.

Monastyrskyi, who oversaw the country’s police and emergency services, was the most senior official killed since Russia’s invasion nearly 11 months ago.

The crash marks the second major tragedy to happen in Ukraine in just four days, following a missile attack in the southeast city of Dnipro that killed dozens of civilians.

It is currently unknown whether the helicopter crash was an accident or related to the ongoing war, and an investigation has been opened by Ukrainian authorities.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressing the World Economic Forum by video link said the crash was the result of the war.

“This is not an accident because it has been due to war and the war has many dimensions, not just on the battlefields,” said Zelenskyy. “There are no accidents at wartime. These are all war results.”

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