Utah Police Footage Shows Barrage Of Gunfire That Killed 25-Year-Old During Traffic Stop


Farmington, Utah ā€” On March 1, 2023, at approximately 3:22pm, a Farmington Police officer attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle which had an illegitimate license plate. The driver of the vehicle pulled into a parking stall at the US Post Office located at 145 East State Street. Body-worn camera shows that the driver rolled the window of the vehicle down only a few inches and refused to provide identification or cooperate with the officer in any way. The driver asserted his independence from the laws of the land as well as his belief that he was not required to provide information to the officer, nor was he required to cooperate. The initial officer called for assistance and continued efforts to provide the driver with information and options, but to no avail. A supervisor, and two officers, one with a trainee assigned to him, responded to assist. The driver was ultimately identified as 25-year-old Chase Allan.

Officers exhausted multiple further attempts to persuade Allan to cooperate and ordered him to exit the vehicle. When Allan still refused to exit the vehicle, an officer opened the door to the car and another officer attempted to remove Allan from the vehicle. At that time an observing officer yelled out the words ā€œgun, gun, gun!ā€ A struggle, which appeared to last only seconds, ensued and gun shots could be heard. Officers secured Allan and began rendering aid to him. A holster was found on Allan’s right hip, as well as a gun on the floor of the driver side of the car. Allan was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead. Police have not alleged Allan fired a gun during the confrontation.


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