VIDEO GONE VIRAL: Watch An Idiot Try Fleeing an Accident In Chicago; Hits Multiple Cars In The Process [CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH VIDEO]


For more proof that fleeing the scene of a crime is a bad idea, a video circulating the web shows a driver trying — and repeatedly failing — to flee after his vehicle strikes a Chicago cab. The video begins with the cab driver in the middle of the street in the 1400 block of West Belmont Avenue, urging the driver to get out of the car.

The car’s driver slowly backs up and tries to turn around before driving back toward the cab. The cabbie follows the car, at several points shaking what looks like a baton. The driver of the car tries to pull around him, but instead strikes another cab. The video shows him backing up and crashing in a parked car then pulling forward, crashing again into the first cab and another car and fleeing the scene. Witnesses heard the cab driver ask the motorist for his insurance.

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