VIDEO – ISIS Hits Australia, Man Shot in Face


The militant Islamist group, ISIS, has shown that its terror tentacles have a long reach as a man was shot as he locked a Mosque in Sydney at the completion of the holy ritual Ashura, a 10-day ritual to commemorate the death of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

According to eye witnesses, people had driven past the Mosque just hours before the services in Greenacre chanting threatening slurs such as “ISIS is coming” and “ISIS will stay”

Shortly after Rasoul Al-Musawi, a 47-year-old Iraqi Shiite religious leader at the centre, was shot in the face at around 1.15am on Monday.

Upon discovery, witnesses carried him into the Mosque and attempted to give him first aid while they waited for the ambulance. After arriving at the hospital, he underwent surgery to remove the pellets.

The victims daughter witnessed the attack and told reporters that he “has done nothing wrong to anyone”.

While this attack was not foiled by police, there have been many plots uncovered by security forces in Australia which were intended to carry out some of the most brutal terrorist acts on the civilian population including beheading random people in public.

One prominent member of the community stated that “These people have been conducting a campaign of intimidation for the past few weeks. I talk to many of the people in the community, and they’re very concerned and they’re very scared.”