Video Released Showing Cops Fatally Shoot Man Charging Officer With Shovel


CALIFORNIA — (Scroll Down For Video) — Police Tuesday released video of a deadly officer-involved shooting in El Cerrito.

According to police, Dennis Carolino’s aunt called police after he hit her in the head with a brick.

“As the officers entered the backyard area to determine the location of the man, he quickly emerged from an outbuilding, holding a shovel. The officers gave the man verbal commands to drop the shovel. One of the officers drew his Taser at that point. The man did not cooperate with the officers’ commands and began to rapidly advance on the officers as he swung the shovel. One officer fired the Taser, which did not have any effect on him. The man continued to advance, prompting the other officer to fire his service weapon,” San Diego Police said in a statement.

He died at the scene. The incident remains under investigation.

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