Video Shows LAPD Officers Firing Rubber Bullets at Knife-Wielding Man in Restaurant


On February 26th around noon, officers from Central Division responded to a radio call of a man with a knife at a restaurant in the 300 block of 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles. The officers met with a woman who told them she’d been inside the restaurant with the suspect and other patrons when the suspect threatened to slit her neck with a folding knife he was holding. As additional officers arrived they developed a plan to arrest the suspect who is refusing to come out of the restaurant. At one point while the officers were communicating with the suspect he told the officers he had a gun. Officers attempted to communicate with the suspect for approximately 10 minutes in an effort to get him to come out of the restaurant, however those efforts were unsuccessful and less lethal force was used. officers fired three rounds from a 40 millimeter device, and two rounds from a beanbag shotgun. The officers were eventually able to enter the restaurant to take the suspect into custody.\

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