Video Shows Moment Ohio Officer Shot 2 Dogs Who Attacked Man


Columbus, Ohio (CPD) — On May 21, 2023, at approximately 6:50 pm, while officers were in the area of the 400 Block of E. Walnut St. at an unrelated call for service, they heard a male yelling for help in the east / west alleyway at the rear of the residence. As they approached, officers observed the man who was allegedly attacked by two dogs, and the dogs were still in the area aggressing witnesses at the time of our officers’ arrival.

As officers approached witnesses, the two dogs charged a witness at his vehicle – forcing officer to wedge himself between the witnesses and the dogs. The dogs remained on a grassy area, outside of a fence near the alley for a very brief moment before charging again. After the canines continued their behavior and charged the officers, one of the officers stopped the charge by shooting both animals (wounding one and killing the other).

The victim was transported from the scene for treatment of several bite wounds/injuries.

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