WATCH: Body-Cam Shows Officer Viciously Beating Suspect


FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. — (Scroll Down For Video) — Federal Heights police officers knew one of their own, 51-year-old Cpl. Mark Magness, had “anger issues.” That anger turned violent on Dec. 6.

Dramatic body camera video obtained by FOX31 Problem Solvers shows Magness dragging 48-year-old suspect Kent Lasnik from a Federal Heights patrol car after his arrest for allegedly attacking a local liquor store clerk.

Magness told his supervisors as he was leading a handcuffed Lasnik to a booking area he “stumbled into [a] refrigerator.” The cut Lasnik suffered from the “stumble” would later require stitches at a nearby hospital to close a gash on his chin.

Lasnik is uncuffed and placed in a holding cell as Magness shouts obscenities at Lasnik. At one point, Lanik raises his hand in Magness’ face and the beating starts.

According to prosecutors, Magness struck Lasnik seven times while on a bench in the holding cell. He’s hit another five times after he’s dragged to the floor and handcuffed again.

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