WATCH: Indiana Officer Rescues Dogs Clinging to Edge of Icy Pond


Fort Wayne, Indiana — On January 28, 2024, at approximately 7:38 a.m. the Fort Wayne Police Department dispatch received a 911 call from a resident near Reservoir Park concerned a dog might have fallen through the ice on the pod. The current air temperature was approximately 34 degrees and the rain had begun to turn into a wet snow. The resident heard a dog barking and saw something black in the water at the park. Officer Trent Hullinger was near the park and responded to investigate. Officer Hullinger located two black labs that had fallen through the ice in the northeast part of the reservoir. Both dogs appeared to be unable to get themselves out of the water as their heads and front paws were clinging to the concrete edging surrounding the water.

Officer Hullinger was able to grab each dog and pull them to safety. The friendly labs were turn over to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control with hopes of reuniting the dogs with their owner or finding them a new home.

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