WATCH: N.C. Police Officer Interrogates Man, Gives Him a Warning For Driving 65 In a 70MPH Zone


SAMPSON COUNTY, N.C. — A traffic stop last Thursday bothered a driver and he shared video of the encounter on Facebook.

“In lieu of Black History Month I felt compelled to share my experience on yesterday with an officer of the Sampson County Police Dept. While it is ever so important to celebrate and uplift our heritage and progress in America with regard to racial disparities. We must always continue to challenge racial injustice, inequalities, and discrimination to show true honor to those that gave tirelessly to the cause both negro and other. This officer cited that I was stopped for merely driving 5 MPH below the speed limit after taking a look at me at a stopped intersection and trailing me for more than 10 minutes once I merged into a freeway without committing one single traffic violation. No missed signal no following to close. This area in particular seems to have a heightened police presence and I’m constantly followed on my commutes to and from work. Being that I manage multiple branches within this region it is imperative that I make use of these roadways for express transitions both to and from. However I do not feel safe nor comfortable after this obvious misuse of power. Civil servants must remember there primary function is to serve and protect and this officer has clearly lost sight of what that truly is.”

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