Why Is Rowing A Good Exercise?


Rowing is a complete workout, whether you are either rowing or considering adding rowing to your general physical activity schedule, trying to lose weight, cross-train for another sport, compete on the water, or rehabilitate from injury or surgery. The advantages of rowing machines are conditioning and reinforcing the most major muscle groups in the upper as well as lower body, as it is practically free of impact.

Effective Calorie Burner

Exercises on rowing machines are gasoline for stored fat. Depending on your body weight, speed, and resistance used, ten minutes of a rowing machine workout burns 100-200 calories.

Full Body Workout

Rowing machine exercises often target your heart, chest, biceps, forearms, hamstrings, and quadriceps, apart from focusing on your upper back muscles. Therefore without having to jump from one unit to the other, you get a full-body workout.

Enhances Muscle Mass

Exercises on rowing machines help strengthen the strength of the upper body and increase flexibility (or stamina). Researchers also found that rowing machine exercise helps to restore muscle strength for individuals with spinal cord injury.

Good For The Lungs And Heart

Rowing workouts help strengthen the function of the heart and lungs. You sweat and take in more oxygen, making the heart function harder to satisfy the oxygen demands, depending on the reps, sets, and strength used for the exercises.

Helps In Bodybuilding

The exercise of rowing stimulates your muscles and induces wear and tear. Such muscles rebuild themselves stronger and thicker as you rest and sleep, to give you the lean look.

Low-Impact And Low-Risk Activity

For individuals with knee joint pain or arthritis, rowing workouts are excellent. On the joints, they are low-impact and simple. Workouts with rowing machines often have a low chance of accidents. Make sure that you do not add too much resistance; add as much resistance to make it easy to do 3 sets of 15 reps. Gradually add more resistance as your power increases.

Tones The Arms

Exercises on the rowing machine work on your muscles, especially the triceps and wrists. The muscles found at the back of your upper arm are the triceps. Toning the triceps and forearms is supported by stretching and pulling the rowing handle. Your arms tend to look slimmer and more toned over some time.

Reduces Disease Risk

Upper body fat is closely related to obesity’s metabolic complications. To get rid of upper body fat helps to reduce the risk of developing diseases linked to obesity.

May Reduce Belly Fat

Act on your ab muscles with rowing exercises. They’re also good aerobic and a good amount of calories are burned. They will then help you lose overall fat and tone up the area of your abdomen.

Shows Results Quickly

Of all the exercises, there are not many that can display outcomes as easy as rowing. Daily sessions, especially if you do high-intensity interval training, will see you lose weight quickly. But it’s easier to do 20 minutes of rowing every day instead of rowing for 60 minutes at the same speed every day, alternating one at a time.

Low Impact Exercise

As it is known to be low-impact, rowing is one of the safest sports around. Unlike high-impact exercises, when it’s done properly, rowing uses a smooth motion with very little or no risk of being harmed.


Rowing is one of the prefect exercises to consume calories. For your body and mind, even a long stroll across green pastures and stunning scenery can be nourishing. So to strengthen and condition your upper body, do rowing two days a week. While having fun, get fit!

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