Woman Claims To Be Diamond Bradley, Missing Since 2001, In TikTok Video


CHICAGO – According to family members, the FBI is currently conducting a DNA test to determine the identity of a woman in Texas who may be Diamond Bradley. Diamond and her sister disappeared from their Chicago home over two decades ago and have not been seen since.

A video recently surfaced on social media showing a police car in a Texas parking lot, with someone stating, “here with Diamond Bradley,” while displaying a missing person poster of Bradley on a phone.

The camera then focuses on a woman standing beside a vehicle as the other person asks, “This is Diamond Bradley, can I see your scar?” The camera zooms in on a supposed scar.

Diamond and Tionda Bradley were 3 and 10 years old respectively when they vanished from their family’s Bronzeville home in the summer of 2001, initiating what could be Chicago’s most extensive missing persons investigation.

The girls’ mother returned from work to find a note, supposedly written by Tionda, stating that she and Diamond had gone to the store and a nearby school playground. Relatives previously expressed to Dateline NBC that the note’s spelling and grammar seemed too advanced for Tionda’s age.

Sheliah Bradley-Smith, Diamond and Tionda’s great aunt, disclosed that she was contacted by a woman claiming to be Diamond, who urged her to verify her identity.

“She mentioned she has information about Diamond Bradley, and I asked about…?,” Bradley-Smith recounted in an NBC 5 interview. “She responded, ‘I am Diamond Bradley.'”

Following the conversation with Bradley-Smith, the woman who claimed to be Diamond visited an FBI office, where she underwent fingerprinting and a DNA test.

As of Friday, it remains unclear whether the FBI has received the test results, although the agency has agreed to expedite the process.

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