Woman Dies After Being Partially Sucked Out of Plane After Engine Explodes on Southwest Flight

Photo via @joeasaprap / Twitter

A Southwest flight was en route from LaGuardia Airport in New York City to Dallas Love Field when it was diverted to Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday.

Photos posted to social media showed the engine was damaged.

Passengers aboard Flight 1380 say a woman was partially sucked out of a broken window and had to be pulled back in. The NTSB later confirmed a woman passed away at the hospital.

“One passenger, a woman, was partially … was drawn out towards the out of the plane … was pulled back in by other passengers,” Todd Baur said in a phone interview with NBC10.

The Boeing 737-700 had 143 passengers on-board.

Frightening video shows passengers wearing oxygen masks as the jet prepared to make the emergency landing.


One passenger said, “All of a sudden, we hear an explosion and come to find out that the engine exploded on the left side of the plane and that explosion blew out a window Just 2 aisles over from me.”

“We are aware that Southwest flight #1380 from New York La Guardia to Dallas Love Field has diverted to Philadelphia International Airport,” Southwest said in a statement. “We are in the process of transporting customers and crew into the terminal.”

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