Woman Went Shopping After Allegedly Attempting To Kill Roommates: Authorities


MARION COUNTY, Fla – At approximately 8:03 A.M. Friday, deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call where the caller advised that he had been stabbed. When deputies arrived, they located two victims that appeared to have been stabbed. One of the victims told deputies that Christina Adams, 30, was the one that stabbed both victims and had then fled the location.

Deputies were able to locate Christina Adams driving not far from the incident location. Adams was detained and interviewed by detectives where she initially denied any involvement. However, she later told detectives that she was angry over being asked to leave the home that she shared with the victims.

Adams stated she dressed in long pants, long sleeves and gloves and retrieved a large knife and then attacked both victims, stabbing them multiple times. Adams stated after she believed the victims were deceased, she attempted to destroy evidence and then left the location. Adams told detectives that following the attack, she changed her clothing and went shopping. On her way back from shopping, deputies located her driving back toward the incident location.

Adams reportedly told deputies she’s an undiagnosed sociopath.

Sheriff Woods said, “These senseless acts of violence are shocking to all of us. I’m very proud of my deputies and detectives that worked so quickly to not only provide aid to the victims but, also to capture such an evil person and ensure that our streets are safe”.

Adams has been charged with two counts of Attempted First Degree Murder and Tampering With Evidence. She is being held in the Marion County Jail with no bond.


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