“You Can’t Hit Me!” – “Yes, I Can MF’er!” Beating of Armed Teen by Illinois Police Is Captured on Video


Oak Lawn, Illinois — On July 27th, 2022 an Oak Lawn Police Officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Southwest Highway and Austin Ave. As police searched the driver, police said 17-year-old Hadi Abuadaleh got out of the back seat and ran. Dashcam video from other officers shows them chasing the teenager around the 95th Street area. Another dashcam video then begins as Abouadale is already lying near 95th Street and McVicker. Two officers are seen pinning him to the ground, with one officer punching him in the legs and the other punching him several times in the head.

While difficult to see in the video, police said the teen had a bag around his body that he refused to release. Officers then Tazed the teen and handcuff him. At one point, the audio cuts off on the video, but police can be heard yelling “pressure point” as they attempted to get him to release the bag. Oak Garden police stated a .25 caliber gun was discovered inside his bag loaded with three rounds of ammunition. Police said Abuadal has been charged, but because he is a minor and in hospital, investigators have not yet been able to interview him.

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