Zip Code Finder for Seattle in the State of Washington


The zip code is very important in the United States to send or receive letters or parcels. It is a number consisting of five digits. Without this information, a letter or parcel may not reach its destination. This code indicates more precisely the delivery point. It is analogous to other numbers that other countries use to identify their different delivery zones. These numbers started to be used in America in 1963.

Every address in the United States has one of these numbers. In Seattle in the State of Washington, there are 59 of these codes. You can consult the information about zip code of Seattle on many sources. In the entire state of Washington, there are many more of these codes.

There are many services that provide very useful zip code finder options. These online tools can be used by individuals as well as companies. Most are completely free. And they are accurate since they are constantly being updated.

Three Modalities to Use The Tools

If you need to find the code for a specific address in Seattle, you have three different options. The first one is typing the address (street and number) in a search bar. You can find this bar at the top of the page. In an instant, you will know the code for the address you entered.

The second option is a list of codes of Seattle. There are 59 codes in the city. They are arranged in a list for you to go through them more easily. The third option is an interactive map. The map can be enlarged to see with more detail the streets of Seattle. Then, you can easily locate the zone for which you want to find the zip code.

With the interactive map, you can see the different areas of Seattle and their corresponding code. However, you can see any city or town in the state of Washington.  

Why Should One Need The Tools?

Well, as mentioned before, individuals and companies alike may need this tool. Let use some examples:

You may need this tool if you want to send a parcel to a friend or relative living in Seattle. If you know just the street and number, the 5-digit code will be necessary;

 Delivery companies need to know the different codes in a city. This way they optimize the delivery route. Planning the optimal route is not easy. The problem has to be modeled mathematically. Then, special software creates an optimal route. But, the areas covered by each code have to be fed to the computer program;

Marketing agencies also need information about these codes in a city. Especially for the so-called advertising mail campaigns. In this approach, a booklet or brochure is sent by post to potential clients.

These are just a few examples of how this tool can be used. However, novel smartphone applications that used geolocation information may need these 5-digit codes too. The possibilities are endless with these codes.

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