2 Nashville Teens Arrested After Guns Found Inside Teddy Bear


Two Nashville teenagers are in custody after an investigation by Midtown Hills Precinct officers and detectives linked them to four guns, two of which were concealed inside a large teddy bear.

Officers responded to Overton Apartments on Edmondson Pike Tuesday after receiving information from a citizen that persons were seen wearing masks and carrying guns in the complex. As officers arrived, a person matching the description of one of the individuals, An Que Lam, 18, fled through a breezeway and into an apartment. A 15-year-old was also inside.

The leaseholder of the apartment allowed officers to search the apartment. In addition to the two guns (one of them stolen from Texas) discovered in the teddy bear, officers also found two additional semi-automatic pistols. Also in the same area was a satchel belonging to Lam. Inside the satchel were 167 Ecstasy pills, 182, Xanax pills, 13 Adderall pills and 10 grams of marijuana.

Que Lam, 18

Lam is being held in lieu of $46,500 bond on drug, gun and theft charges. The 15-year-old is charged with juvenile handgun possession and having 16 Xanax bars concealed in his pants near his groin.

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