Alleged Serial Rapist Willie Williams Found In His Mom’s Attic


Acting on a tip, U.S. Marshals in Wisconsin today arrested suspected serial rapist Willie Williams Jr., 20, hiding in the attic of his mother’s Milwaukee home.

Williams is suspected of victimizing seven women in Nashville, several of them escorts at motels, in six separate cases. He will be brought back to Nashville in the near future.

In one of the charged cases from June 16th, Williams is alleged to have contacted a 22-year-old escort through a personals website. She reported that they agreed on a price for sex and that Williams showed up at her motel near the airport. After letting him in, the victim said Williams pulled a pistol, demanded her money, then put the gun to her head and demanded that she perform oral sex on him (aggravated rape & aggravated robbery warrants outstanding).

In the other case from June 19th, Williams is alleged to have arranged to meet a 29-year-old local woman for a date in the parking lot of a Cane Ridge Road apartment complex. When she arrived, she said Williams sat in the passenger seat of her vehicle armed with a large hunting knife. She said Williams demanded her belongings. She started screaming for help and Williams fled her car (attempted aggravated robbery warrant outstanding).

Williams is also suspected of sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman at a Sidco Drive motel on February 13th; two women, ages 27 & 34, who were staying at a Claridge Drive motel on May 31st; and a 30-year-old woman who was staying at a Bell Road motel on June 14th. In another case from June 16th, Williams is alleged to have encountered a 21-year-old woman in a business parking lot on Donelson Pike and asked whether she wanted to buy marijuana. She took down his telephone number and called him later in the evening. When Williams arrived at her Elm Hill Pike motel room, she said he pulled a gun and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

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