“OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” Pilot Heard In Cockpit Before Crashing Into San Diego County Neighborhood

Screenshot via James Wall, Facebook

San Diego County, California – Authorities near San Diego were responding to a fiery plane crash on Monday night.

The unidentified aircraft went down around 7 p.m. local time near Pepper Dr. and N. Mollison Ave. in the El Cajon-Bostonia neighborhood. Flight records suggest the plane is a Learjet N880Z.

Eyewitness video showed debris from the crash, a large fire and apparent damage to homes.

“We were outside and basically, we heard the plane getting closer. Normally they get loud because we live right by the airport, but it got really, really loud and all of the sudden, we think it could’ve hit our power lines above our house, but we just saw bright blue and orange flashing lights and we heard the electricity running,” Lauren Watling, a resident in the area told NBC San Diego. “And then after that, we heard the plane actually crash. We ran out immediately and there was a ton of smoke everywhere. All we saw was fire and smoke.”

Audio purportedly from the cockpit surfaced online shortly after the crash. In the chilling audio, a pop or bang is heard and then the pilot can be heard communicating with air-traffic control.

The pilot shouts, “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! Ahhh!”

There was no immediate word on how many people were on board. A power outage was also reported in the area.

The is a developing story. Stay with Breaking911 for updates.

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