BREAKING: Nashville’s Covenant School Files Motion To Stop Release Of Shooter’s Manifesto


NASHVILLE – A court filing made by The Covenant School’s legal team on Monday seeks to intervene in ongoing lawsuits that demand the public release of shooter Audrey Hale‘s writings.

The National Police Association (NPA) and Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) have separately filed suits against the city with the same objective.

These lawsuits emerged as the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) was in the process of reviewing the writings, referred to as a manifesto, to determine their potential for public disclosure.

The school argues that the release of the information “could pose security and safety risks for the school, its staff, and students.”

The motion further asserts that the requested records in the lawsuits may contain sensitive information owned by the school, such as facility schematics and confidential data of employees and students.

“The outcome of this case could hinder our ability to protect our interests and the privacy of our employees and students,” states the motion.

In response to the motion, Wally Dietz, Director of Law for Metro Nashville, issued a statement expressing support, stating, “Metro supports the motion because we believe the Church and the School have a right to be heard.”

Dietz emphasized that, due to the court order, Metro alone cannot release the documents at this time without violating the order.

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