BREAKING: Zero-Bail Policy Takes Effect In Los Angeles County

Screenshot / KTLA, YouTube

Despite facing objections from numerous law enforcement and civic leaders who argue that it will hinder crime-fighting efforts, L.A. County’s new zero-bail policy came into effect this Sunday. The policy permits the citation and release of certain criminal suspects accused of “non-violent” or “non-serious” offenses, a departure from previous practices where they would have been detained on bond.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court made the decision to implement this system in July, contending that cash bail disproportionately impacts minorities and low-income individuals. A lawsuit filed in the L.A. County Superior Court by a dozen cities seeks to overturn the policy.

“Our communities have been not shy about telling us about how nervous they are about this change,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said. “They are concerned about the lack of consequences for those who commit crimes and specifically those who are repeat offenders. When they see or hear about people being released immediately after an arrest, it negatively impacts his or her confidence in our criminal-justice system.”

People charged with capital offenses or felonies eligible for the death penalty will not be eligible for pre-arraignment release.

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