GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases New Video Showing Triple Beheading by Militants on Horseback


The Islamic State terror group has released a new beheading video which shows three men from Iraq accused of spying being executed by terrorists on horseback.

The graphic content which shows the men being led to their deaths is designed to shock the world with the commentator making reference to air strikes.

The five minute footage was released by the Islamic State propaganda unit.

Each of the alleged spies is tied to an ISIS executioner on a horse.

The narrator of the video can be heard referencing the ‘air strikes of the crusader Coalition’, and further warns of ‘God mandated punishments’ they intend to carry out.

It also shows pictures of children including a girl wearing a burka and a small boy wearing military fatigues.

Three of the men are led to their deaths accompanied by brown, white and black horses dressed in ceremonial robes.

The narrator says the video “exposes the hypocrites from Baghdad.”

The final clips contains graphic clips of injured and killed civilians, their deaths being blamed on the airstrikes.

The video concludes about the ‘quality of life’ of its followers and then explains that the men who are being executed are killed because they were spies.

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