Gunman Wearing Body Armor Shot By Cops In New York City


Remarks by Assistant Chief Edward Delatorre, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Staten Island:

At about 0110 hours this morning, we got two calls for shots fired, one came into the station house – the 123 station house – and the other one came over 911. A marked RMP responded with a sergeant and a police officer in it. The call came over in the vicinity of Androvette… and Arthur Kill… and the officers responded and they canvassed the area and wound up down the other corner of Kreischer Street and Androvette. As they responded there, they noticed two males.

One male fled into the woods and the other male, just about the same time, came from – what we believe to be, this is all soft information right now – came from the side of a building and he turned on them and drew a weapon. The weapon was a 9mm Glock 26. The officers responded by firing several shots back at the male and struck him numerous times, I believe three times, in the left leg, once in the left arm, and later discovered after he was taken into custody he had a ballistic vest on and there may be evidence that he was also struck in the vest, although we haven’t fully examined the vest at this time because it is still a part of the crime scene. The suspect was wearing that heavy ballistic vest, he’s now been taken up to Staten Island University Hospital North… where he’s in stable condition.

From the second suspect who ran into the woods, as we followed into the woods and canvassed the area we recovered what appears to be an AR 15 semi-automatic rifle, evidence of several shells that may have been fired in that area in the woods, which is right off the street itself, and a hunting knife, a large hunting knife.

The second suspect was later arrested.


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