Human smugglers pull guns on off-duty US Border Patrol agent & his family while he was fishing


LAREDO, Texas – The Laredo Sector Border Patrol warns the public about the dangers posed from criminal organizations that conduct their illegal activities along the Rio Grande River near Laredo.

Late in the afternoon, on June 22, an off-duty Border Patrol agent was fishing with his family on the river near the Lago del Rio off Mines Road. Three armed individuals approached the agent and identified themselves as “Federales.” Several of the individuals brandished weapons at the agent and his family as they proceeded to return to Mexico. The agent was in plain clothes and did not identify himself as a Border Patrol agent.

“Border Security is National Security. Yesterday, an off-duty Border Patrol agent and his family were fishing along the Rio Grande River. They were encountered by three armed individuals dressed in camouflage who illegally entered the United States. They were carrying small backpacks, which we presume were hard narcotics. The armed men were surprised and brandished their firearms as they returned to Mexico. Mexican authorities were notified,” said Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Carl E. Landrum.

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